We have been discussing the error of replacing the headship of the church with a man rather than keeping Christ as the head and setting up a system that creates a class system within the body of Christ (laity and clergy) rather than allowing for each believer to develop/mature under the leading and lordship of Christ in community. There are several errors and misunderstandings that occur due to this heretical practice. So far I have talked about the error and weakness of misunderstanding what is an overseer.

The second error or weakness is the Misunderstanding of Leadership. I am referring to leadership in the Kingdom of God and NOT a business or the world’s leadership – these are not the same. A leader is to be a servant from the start. (Matt 20:26) He is not to climb a ladder to ascend to a position of high ranking and then attempt to humble himself as a leader. He is to be a servant – that is it. Servant and minister are basically the same word. If we serve, in the biblical context we do lead from that position of washing feet. Leadership is never ruling. This is reserved for Christ. Leadership is needed, but it is more like the skeletal structure of the body, not the skin. It is never the head. The skeleton is never to be seen. If you see someone’s skeleton they are either very sick or possibly dead. Biblical leadership is unseen and supports the ministry of the body. If all we see in the body is the leadership, then that congregation, denomination, or even a fellowship of ministers is very sick and possibly dead!

In my next post I will continue to share the errors and weaknesses of creating a class system within the church and discuss the misunderstanding of anointing.