December 2008

What a Christmas! We had all four of our daughters and their kids together. We hope you had a Merry Christmas and that your New Year will a good one. Even in these uncertain times, we can have peace and joy in Jesus and the fellowship that we have with one another.

Here we are all together on our front porch:

Our Family Christmas 2008

Our Family Christmas 2008

Are Your Ready to Be A Blessing Where You Live?

This coming year may prove to be a challenge for many. It will be a great opportunity to become true friends with those in your neighborhood whom you have never really met. There is an Indonesian proverb that says something like this:

“It’s better to be hungry and with friends than alone and fed.”

As times get tough here are a few suggestions that will help you be a blessing where you live:

  • Get to know your neighbor – ask them how they are doing in these changing times and pray for them.
  • Open your home for folks in your neighborhood to get together to see what the common needs are and see how you can help one another.
  • Coordinate opportunities to assist those in your neighborhood who may be suffering due to hard times, job loss etc. Don’t wait for the government to do it! Let’s truly reveal the love of Jesus to those in need.
  • Set up a time to gather believers that live in your neighborhood together in your home to pray and seek the Lord’s will during these coming hard times.
  • Be a source of hope in times of trouble. Be ready to share your relationship with Jesus with others as times get hard.

May you have a great New Year!

Do we need a new definition for the people groups that are unreached? Has this term been so misused that it must be redefined? Should the shift in our understanding of church, ecclesiology and mission reflect in this definition, not to mention our actual practice when reaching the unreached?

Here is the classic definition that many as well as I have been using: “An unreached people group is a people group or ethnic group, within which there is no viable indigenous church or churches with sufficient strength, resources, and commitment to sustain and ensure the continuous multiplication of churches.”

Here is my proposed new definition –

“An unreached people group (nation/ethnos) is any people group where there are no followers of Jesus who are making disciples within their own people group.”

I think it is time to change this definition. My reasons for this is that this new definition . . .: [See the remainder of this post at – House2Harvest WebLog]

I just posted our December 2008 newsletter called “The Davis Report” on the Strategic Church Network site. Click here and give it a read!

I talk about:

  • Being Friends with Refugees
  • Making Inroads to the Unreached
  • Websites Up and Running
  • Looking Ahead to 2009

God Bless!