A few days ago I was reading through Haggai and jotted down a few questions as I read. What a goldmine of application for us to draw from! There so much in this little book of Haggai that it would take a long article to reflect on it all. What I wish I could do is be sitting in a living room with you somewhere and discuss through Haggai verse by verse and talk about what we observe and can learn. So instead of me writing down a lengthy overview and commentary of what I think, let’s do this: we read through Haggai several times and let’s start the discussion right here. Yes, I could write down my view, but it would be long and probably would not be read that much. Are you game to enter into a discussion regarding what Haggai is saying to us regarding making disciples?

First let me give some definition to my assumptions so that our observations will be applicable to the topic of making disciples:

  • The Lord’s House – in the Old Testament, Haggai’s context, the temple of the Lord. In the New Testament, our context, the Body of Christ.
  • Your House – not our personal residence as assumed in Haggai’s context, but the houses we build to hold the ministry that we do. It is more than just the real estate or buildings we build, but it also the ministries we start, and the things we do to build those ministries. To put it simply what we call “my ministry,” “my church” etc.
  • The Crops – The fruit of the gospel, harvest, disciples of Jesus.
  • Signet Ring – Given as a sign of royal authority and personal ownership, Zerubbabel becomes the Lord’s signet ring.

Now read through the book (only 38 verses) and while you do here are a few questions to ask to get us started as you read. (You certainly will discover more – be sure to share them).

  1. What is the difference between the Lord’s House and Your House?
  2. What are “Your Ways” that he asks us to give careful thought to?
  3. How do we build the Lord’s house?
  4. How do we grow the crops in verse 10.
  5. Who grows the crops?
  6. What are your thoughts about the application of the defilement mentioned in 2:10-14 in the context of making disciples?
  7. What does it mean to be his signet ring?

Okay – who will be first to chime in? Just keep in mind to keep the discussion in the context of making disciples and the issue of building our house and building the Lord’s house. This will keep us from going all over the place in our discussion.

I will post this on my blog at http://dondavis.wordpress.org , www.house2harvest.ning.com and the Facebook group Making Disciples and see how the dialogue goes – hope to see you there!