I have this hobby of sorts, and that is surfing the web and looking at local church web sites. This morning while I was being distracted from doing something constructive I ran across a church’s web site and I began to realize that things are not as they seem. What do you call someone who says one thing but does another?

What I am talking about is that every pastor/church leader I know argues the fact that church is not the building, the facility, the property, but it is the people. So true! But, when you go to any church website that has a page or section describing their history, what do we usually read about? We read about their building projects! We read about the buildings they used, where they were and what improvements they have made to those properties. But there are no stories about the church (I’m talking about people). Their history gives us no insight into the lives of the saints in that congregation. This holds true as to whether the church is an older historical church, or they have come into existence in the past twenty years. It’s all the same. Their history is all about their “campus,” their architecture or their series of building programs! According to their history, the church is their facility, there is no mention of Jesus or the people.

Are we confused? Does the church truly see itself as people and not a building? That’s what we are taught to say because it is theologically correct. But ask them about the history of their congregation and see if you hear any stories about those who have met together, laughed together, served together during their long or short history, and see if my research is accurate. If I continually say I believe something, but turn around and do and record something differently – where is my credibility? Maybe that is just another reason why organized religion or organized Christianity has lost so much of its credibility in a world that Jesus loves.

If you were going to write the history of your church – would it be about Jesus and his people, or would you do what others have done and write a narrative about the buildings you have met in?