Several weeks ago I wrote about the “Confessions of a Man and His Lawn”. I got a few personal comments and it seems as though some didn’t quite get what I was talking about. Let me explain two things that I got from that experience:

1. It was somewhat an alegory or parable, but it really happened. The meaning? We are our lawn – we change as we get older – so don’t assume things will always be the same or you might make a mistake. Our walk with the Lord is not the same as it was last year, or any year for that matter. God fellowships with us in the present, and our hearts have new “roots” and “stumps” that may hinder that fellowship. Roots and stuff that were not there before. So – the lesson? Be careful that you do not assume things are the same as before when it comes to your self or – your lawn.

2. The second thing was a little more critical. I have not been the kind of person who tries to get a spiritual meaning out of every experience and situation in life. (That’s why fellowshipping with God while mowing my lawn was great.) That has been my loss, and I’m changing bit by bit. You see, God wants to fellowship with us. We all know that. So why not live out our lives as though he is right their to interact with us as we experience life? What a novel idea! In fact I think that is exactly what he wants. Jesus came to open that door of fellowship with the Father.

So why do we think we need to conjure him up? Why do we think we have to travel to some special “spiritual” happening to get close to God? Why do we think we have to fall into some ecstatic trance or experience some transcendent mystical event in order to fellowship with our creator? It seems to me that Jesus came to eliminate all that mumbo-jumbo, the religious posturing, having to “go up to the mountain to worship him” kind of thing. Jesus brought our relationship and fellowship to a normative level that is to be as every day as fellowshipping with our spouse, our friend, our brother.

I don’t think jesus wants us to strive for some esoteric, mystical experience – because then that’s all we get, and the baggage that comes with this kind of thing makes “knowing Him” out of reach to those who are hungry for Him. Imagine if your children or our spouse would have to go through some of the dramatics and actions that many believers do to get into your presence in order to hear from you! Could it be that the enemy has convinced us that we must enter into some “special zone” to hear from God so that when we do, we fall into the prideful trap of thinking that it was our ability or disciplines that got us there? Or could it be that the enemy has convinced us that this intimacy is only reserved for a select few to experience? Jesus came to destroy that kind of thinking (religion) and restored to us a relationship that allows us to walk together with God in our garden (our daily life) – or maybe even while we mow our lawn!

Today I decided to some much needed yard work. My backyard was beginning to look like the wheat fields of the Midwest ready to go to seed. So I pulled out the lawnmower we had just bought last year after moving into our new house. It started right up. As I was chugging along having a great time my fate changed. Boom! I hit a forgotten root that seems to be sticking up higher this year than last year. The engine stopped cold. I started her back up and it started to dig a round groove in the ground – the blade was bent to the point it was digging in the ground. Rats!

So off to Lowes I go to buy me a new blade for the lawnmower. But of course I had to walk up and down every isle to dream about future projects and how to change every room in the house. But I did buy some bird seed for our bird feeder, and a new hose nozzle (left the last one out all winter and it split from the freeze!) I found the blade and headed on home to finish the task of mowing the lawn.

The blade went on with no problems. This wasn’t so bad after all other than the $15.00 I had to spend on the blade. The lawnmower started right back up – no problem. But it just didn’t sound right. So I turned it off and checked the oil (which I had forgotten to do after it sat all winter). Low and behold – it needed oil. So I was off to Lowes again. Fortunately it is just 5 minutes away. I bought the oil resisting the temptation to walk the isles again. You know I could have missed something earlier! But off I went with oil in hand.

When I got home I was famished! So I figured I’d fix myself a sandwich. Rats, the bread was moldy! So I’ll fix one of those small pizzas in the microwave – no problem. It said you should cook it for 2 ½ – 5 minutes on high, so I set the timer for 3 minutes, went in tuned in Fox News on the TV and fixed me a coke. There was about 20 seconds left on the timer, I figured I would check it out. Rats! The pizza was now shoe leather, and the sauce and cheese were a disgusting brownish red caramel textured mess. Ok, I’ll eat some tuna fish and crackers. (Sigh)

Back outside the lawnmower is waiting for a good dose of oil. So out I went, ready to conquer the yard and be a man. I put the oil in and she started right up. As I began to mow, I noticed that she still wasn’t sounding healthy, and she seemed a little weak. As my concern began to heighten, she began to smoke. First a little and then before I knew it looked like I was mowing the yard with a fog machine that you use to kill misquotes! Rats!

So I put the mower up on a make-shift table and began to tinker. I can fix this! But the baby was hot! Too hot to handle so I went inside the house, checked my email and came back out. She was now cool enough to touch. But wait! What was all that black stuff on the table? It was oil! All the oil I had put in the mower was no dripping down the sides of the piece of plywood I was using as a table sitting on top of two little yard tables. Rats!

I took off a few plastic guards and the air intake (which was now soaked with oil). I tried to start her up and after a few tries she started right up. Tough ole gal – even though I had only used her for one season! So I let her run awhile and before I knew it the smoking stopped. Was she fixed? I turned off the mower and decided to check the oil. No Oil! She was empty! Rats! Am I going to have to buy a new mower? (Sigh)

Then I had one of those thoughts. What can I learn from this? What is God speaking to me through this? Am I having a prophetic moment? What is it Lord? I waited and waited. Nothing – other than one hard lesson I will share with you.

And here it is:

Your yard is not the same as it was last year so watch out for things that will hurt your mower!