A happy husband since 1973, a father of four great daughters, a grandfather with four grandsons (more to come?), a granddaughter and three sons-in-law – they are great, but as you know, no one is good enough for any of my girls!

A believer, follower of Jesus since 1974. Did Bible school, planted churches, pastored, became a missionary in Southeast Asia, did an M.Div, and now I am mobilizing God’s people to take the gospel to where it has never gone before and helping the body be more simple and Kingdom focused. I guess you would call me one of those revolutionaries. My wife and I are working to embark again to the mission field in Asia to greater degree than we are now.

For more information about me go to this web page: http://www.goasianetwork.org

Some have wondered what I believe – To simplify things go to the website of the Lausanne Covenant, and that document gives a detailed description of my “statement of faith.”


I manage a few websites and other blogs. These will tell you a lot more about me if you can stand it!

Take a few minutes to check them out:

House2Harvest Missions Blog: http://h2hmissions.wordpress.com/

House2Harvest Network on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/32562054297/

Institute for Intercultural Studies: http://www.seaiis.org/

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7 Responses to “A little about me . . .”

  1. Timothy Wright Says:

    Hello from England,

    My name is Tim Wright. I am with OM. I work at the International HQ of OM in Carlisle, England. I am very interested in House Church . Where I live in England, there is not a house church that I know of. The city is only 75,00,00 people.

    A big question for me is how is OM in the future going to engage all the people involved in house church and learn from them instead of trying to get them on our agenda instead of learning and partnering with them. I would appreciate any comments from you and would enjoy learning from you.


  2. Don Davis Says:

    Hi Tim, That question is a very important one. I am part of a network of missionaries that will be attempting to mobilize house churches to do missions. We have a dialog going in preparation for the launching of this network. It can be found at http://h2hmissions.wordpress.com/ the network is called House2Harvest Network.
    I work with several missions organizations, and the only we it can work is if they can agree with doing church simply rather than institutionally. If they are critics of the simple church movement, it will not be easy to work together with them.
    There are also several issues and ways of doing ministry that is not conducive to simple church (those I mentioned in my 8 part “Church Structure” article, therefore a missions organization will need to make changes in their structure so that it is more “organic” and relational. When that happens, the opportunities to work together will happen.
    Our main task first is to assist the simple churches and their networks to do the mission work that God has called them to do and help them remain strategic.

    God Bless! Don

  3. Don Davis Says:

    tim – I am going to try to move your question and my comment to the h2hmissions blog so that other can join in from that venue.

  4. Tom Vogel Says:

    I sent you an e-mail about a month ago, and you replied with a phone call. You probably remember that I had come to look at house churches due to attempting to find a local body that met on a weekday due to my job being mainly Saturdays and Sundays. You referred me to Norm Pryzbylski. About a week ago, I got to sit down with Norm and talk; at this time, his house church is not meeting. His advice was to start one, since I don’t fit into anything currently happening. In my free time, I’ve been reading at lot from the postings entitled House Church Reader 1 & 2. Nonetheless, I have some questions for someone who has familiarity with this. If you gave me your phone number, I lost it. Mine is 644-6269, again. Thanks for all the help so far.

  5. Tom Vogel Says:

    First, a note that on hrscn.org the page calendar.html is muddled, at least in a different manner than last week.

    Next, Tony Dale recently blogged starting “Everyone is so busy…” Gee, if all of us involved in HC aren’t running around going to committees, planning events, Sunday School lessons, etc. as many of us did when involved in IC, there should be some time free. I know for me, that’s the case, exacerbated by being un- or underemployed through all of 2009.

    Next, I saw something about HC/SC being at a tipping point. I hate to say it, but I don’t say it. In the past year, I have heard zero mentions of the movement, if it can be called such, in the “Christian media.”

    Don, I’ve met you a couple of times when there was all kinds of people around. I have an idea, but I think it might cause you a problem, so I’d like to discuss it first. I’ve tried calling you, but just get the answering machine. My number is currently (different from before) 424-1315.


  6. My name is Anthony Robinson from Tyler Texas. I just watched your video on youtube about Simple Church Planting and I must say, that is what it is all about. There are too many church planting material out there but you made clear what it is all about. The sad part is that most will never listen and be about what God is clearly in favor of. God bless you.

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