In Hampton Roads, Virginia we have been seeing the Lord establish a network of Simple Churches. We recently updated the website and extended an invitation for others to join. Here is what was communicated:

New Addition to the HRSCN Website

One of the greatest needs within the body of Christ is communication, community and fellowship. In other words the genuine practice of koinonia. That is why we have added a tool to the HRSCN website for you and those you know involved in simple/organic/house church life. We have added a relational network page to the website (Ning) to help us bridge that gap. In no way does this fulfill real koinonia – but it’s a start. Take a few minutes and see how we can link together in order to bring the gospel of the Kingdom to our region in a greater measure!

Why does Hampton Roads Network need a Relational Site?

  1. Not to establish a hierarchy – BUT to create a venue to see relationships established that will cultivate genuine Christian community in our region.
  2. Not to promote any personalities or organizations – BUT to see what our Lord Jesus is doing in our midst as we encourage one another and watch HIM build his Church.
  3. To provide a safe place where we can dialogue, network, partner and provoke one another to good works.
  4. To get to know one another and see who else is on this journey of simple church.

This addition to the website will allow for us to connect in the same way that many of you do on Facebook, but focusing strictly on the region of Hampton Roads and simple church life and mission.

Take a few moments and visit the website at and check out the Network Relationship page (at ).

Here is how this site can be a blessing:

  • Forums – This part of the site is provided to allow us to dialogue around specific issues. It is not for carnal debate, but Christ like discussion. Be sure to honor one another.
  • Events – You can list any events here that pertain to the needs of the network.
  • Groups – This is a tool for specific groups within the network to chat, discuss issues in a forum, make comments etc. This would be a great place to post what is happening in your group. It is also a tool to focus on specific areas of interests that is wider than the scope of a discussion forum.
  • Map – See where the simple church meeting places are in Hampton Roads.
  • Blog – Write a blog to the network and post it here for all to read.
  • Videos and Photos – post what would be of interest to the network.

When you go to the site, you can explore what’s there, but if you want to participate you will need to sign up.

A Reminder of Who Hampton Roads Simple Church Network is:

  • Hampton Roads Simple Church Network is a network of simple, organic, house churches in the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia.
  • There is nothing to join, there are no dues to pay, and there is no personality to submit to but Christ. It is a simple voluntary relationship with one another expressed from congregation to congregation.
  • We are inclusive of all followers of Jesus Christ, who proclaim Him as their God, their King, and their Lord. Our only written creed is the Bible.
  • We are diverse from many different denominational and historical backgrounds.
  • We have no centralized governing body, but recognize the relationship we all have with one another being submitted to one another under Christ.
  • We welcome the gifts the Lord has given the church to equip her to do the works of the ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers) but do not see them as positions within a hierarchy but servants functioning in their gifting.
  • We have no clergy/laity divide, but honor the priesthood of every believer and their personal responsibility to grow in Christ.
  • We stay connected through our voluntary relationships with one another and serve, love and minister to one another based upon those relationships.
  • We desire to cooperate with other expressions of church in our region without being exclusive or judgmental, but expressing our love for one another in unity and truth.
  • We desire to serve our community in unity in order to bring about transformation, renewal and demonstrate the kingdom of God.

Hope to see you on the network!

What are you doing in your region to facilitate koinonia in the Body of Christ?

God Bless,


In the past few months I have been taking a crash course in learning how to do websites. This is a matter of necessity since I am too cheap (or poor depending on how you look at it) to hire someone to do all the websites I am connected with. So I thought I would take a moment to let you know about them without being too self-promoting. But you know, that’s kinda what bogging is all about – right? In doing these sites, I have realized a few things about myself. First, let me share these websites with you:

This week I have been working on updating our website for Strategic Church Network. This site will be a great tool to help those who are doing simple/house church get involved in missions. We will be using this site to inform folks of different opportunities for training, short-term trips and the like.

As you may already know, I am also involved in the maintenance of the House2Harvest Network site. This site is totally flat, and belongs to all who join the network to share how we can help one another finish the task (Matthew 24:14). Strategic Church Network is one of those church networks that are available to serve the Body of Christ.

Another web site that I assist with is Hampton Roads Simple Church Network This is a site that serves all house/simple churches in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

One of my main interests is training cross cultural servants to the nations, specifically in the area of reaching Muslim unreached people groups. Therefore I have developed the site for South East Asia Institute of Intercultural Studies. I have the privilege of serving with some great servants of the Lord who are giving their lives for the cause of finishing the task.

There are a few more sites coming, I will soon be putting together a site for our business that is presently in the dream stage and hopefully become reality in 2009. I really need to start making some money!

Well – go surf a while and check out these sites – let me know what you think. And if you like them give me praise, if you don’t – careful, my ego bruises easily. I know these sites are not perfect by any means – but to be honest – I was not shooting for perfection – just function. That’s kinda fits my style.

That’s what have I learned about myself. I can really get bogged down in attempting perfection to the point that I become worthless, immovable and depressed. I would prefer to throw it out there and fix it as I go. Certainly avoiding funky mediocrity, but striving for functionality and practical value. I guess that’s really how we should approach life – especially life as a follower of Christ.

It is much more beneficial to get up, get moving and go with what you’ve got (and if you’ve got Christ in you – WOW!) and start doing what you think God wants you to do. He will correct you along the way so that you avoid mediocrity, and senseless attempts at perfection. That will come soon enough – if we get busy reaching the nations! Come Lord Jesus – but first go make disciples of all nations followers of Christ!

The second part of this post can be found at the other blog I manage: House2Harvest Missions Weblog

I talk about taking this seemingly comlicated process and keeping it simple.