OK, the election is over, we can turn away from FOX and CNN and get on with life. Our part to play in making history in the context of government and politics is now yesterday’s news. So what do we do now? Here a just a few exhortations:

  • Let’s get about the Father’s business! The victory that matters is when someone hears the message that there is a new king in the land, he deserves our allegiance and devotion, therefore turn from all other allegiances and turn to this King – Jesus, the King of kings and become a subject of His kingdom, the Kingdom of God!
  • Let’s go about your day making the announcement that although nation’s leaders come and go, there is a king who remains eternal who is not only just and true, but he is God your creator.
  • Let’s lay aside the distractions of this temporal nation and world system and focus on what is unseen and eternal.
  • Let’s take a close hard look at what Jesus really did and is doing, and refuse to buy into religion or personal kingdom building or ministry kingdom building.
  • We need to become abhorrent towards ministries built upon a personality, the spiritual superstar, and only acknowledge those built on the foundation of the chief cornerstone, Jesus.
  • We also need to support the coup that is refusing to support carnal headships, and ecclesiastical systems that at best make Jesus a figurehead, and at worst ignore his place as head of the Church altogether.
  • We also need to have such a real relationship with Jesus, who is real and alive; and that it is not strange to think that he can lead us by his Spirit and direct the affairs of our lives and our churches firsthand without the help of a mediating office.
  • Let’s get about the Father’s business and take the gospel of His Kingdom to those 6000+ nations (people groups) that have never heard of him, nor have the opportunity to hear.

This are just a few things to start us down the road of the new reformation that brings God’s people back to a relationship with God and one another and destroys the old ideas of religion and man’s organizations.

Viva la revolution!