Have you ever thought about what is would be like to walk through life raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons – you know be just like Jesus? Well if you are like me, you would love to be just like that, but for some reason it just doesn’t quite happen that way. (Please don’t write me and tell me why you think it doesn’t!)

My point is that we can have such an impact on those around us without having lightening bolts shoot out from our hands. In fact, I believe that our fruit comes from when our spirituality is woven within the fabric of every day life. Many call this being incarnational. We CAN be like Jesus if we just love our spouses, love our children, not kick the dog, honor our employers, love our neighbors, encourage the downtrodden and simply enjoy the details of the mundane times of life and still be walk in the Spirit.

If we can only “touch heaven” by experiencing something spiritually new, or spiritually sentimental, then we have missed the point of walking with Jesus or living an incarnational life. The Holy Spirit is our comforter all the time. In fact, prayer is an all the time experience as we pray without ceasing. Or to put it plainly, talking to God, and listening to Him all the time is more of a prayer life than spending an hour a day filling a slot in some prayer program and meeting some religious requirement!

I am constantly being corrected by the Lord to stop seeking after the ecstatic experiences in order to hear him, and see him at work, but to look for him in the mundane, and in the midst of real life experiences and events. Simply by walking with Jesus where I live, and where my friends and neighbors live I will see his hand at work in a far greater way then attending a healing meeting or worship service.

Recently I read in Hugh Halter’s blog entitled “What is Incarnational Community” (author of “The Tangible Kingdom”) where he lists several things that reveal if we are incarnational. Take a few moments to jump over to Hugh Halter’s blog and see what he has to say – it will let you know that being a disciple of Jesus is not complicated and you can be one as you go about living life.

It is so freeing to just live life and see God work in the midst of what he has for us every day.