I just finished reading Frank Viola’s new book: Reimagining Church: Pursuing the Dream of Organic Christianity. You’ve got to read it! Frank has done an excellent job putting together the theological and practical aspects of organic church. This book’s message will transform the Christian who has left the institutional church as a reaction to their pain, their offenses, and their disgust and will turn them towards the theological, biblical reason why they need to do church organically.

It seems as though there are two types of people who have abandoned to institutional church; 1) those who have left out of a reaction and 2) those who have left out of biblical conviction. The first group tends to be bitter and angry. Their dialog about church life can be judgmental and caustic. The second group has gotten beyond the reaction and is attempting to be a constructive advocate for the Church as Jesus designed it. If you find yourself in the first group, this book will help you climb out of the hole of negativity and become a constructive proponent for church as it should be based on biblical evidence.

Frank does not pull any punches, and anyone whose life is tied up in the business of churchanity may have trouble with his conclusions. But be careful – truth changes hearts of clay, but will harden hearts of stone. He is also truthful when it comes to the errors seen throughout the house church movement. In fact he even goes as far to say that some of the institutional models are being used by the Lord more than “so-called house churches that are elitist and sectarian.” (pg. 267)

If you choose to read “Reimagining Church”, (and I hope you do) you will certainly be challenged and encouraged by what the Lord is doing as he builds His Church. Frank’s observations and wisdom shines through his attention to detail. This book will serve the Church for ages to come and serve as a tool to keep us focused on real Church. It is truly a benchmark for the body of Christ. Thank you Frank!