When we discuss church structure, there is a tendency to get lost in the details of governmental theory and attempting to develop a way to control Christ’s Church. Up to this point I have been discussing the error of replacing the headship of the church with a man rather than keeping Christ as the head and setting up a system that creates a class system within the body of Christ (laity and clergy) rather than allowing for each believer to develop/mature under the leading and lordship of Christ in community. So far I have talked about the error and weakness of misunderstanding what is an overseer, misunderstanding of leadership, the misunderstanding of anointing, and ignoring the priesthood of all believers.

The fifth area is the departure from making disciples of Christ. This error causes the members of a church to serve the system in which the clergy/professional leadership have erected and become a disciple of that system or individual rather than of Christ. Making disciples is at the core of the church’s purpose and the clergy laity divide has greatly hindered that purpose. This has led to denominationalism, sectarianism and the development of a clergy elite in the Church. The new apostolic movements or ministerial fellowships are not exempt, in fact many have fallen into the same trap, building kingdoms of men’s ministries rather than making disciples of Christ whose allegiance is to His Kingdom. Certainly the intention of many is not to forsake Christ and His Kingdom, but the structure and system in which they have designed and promoted leads to this error.

In my next post I will continue to share the errors and weaknesses of creating a class system within the church and discuss the error of the development of a separate entity other than the Church of Jesus Christ.