I have been discussing the error of replacing the headship of the church with a man rather than keeping Christ as the head and setting up a system that creates a class system within the body of Christ (laity and clergy) rather than allowing for each believer to develop/mature under the leading and lordship of Christ in community. So far I have talked about the error and weakness of misunderstanding what is an overseer, misunderstanding of leadership, and the misunderstanding of anointing.

The fourth area I would like to discuss is the practice of ignoring the priesthood of all believers. When it is clear that every believer has within him or her the spirit of Christ, and they are now priests and kings then to place them in a category of being lesser in the body of Christ is not only error but is an affront to the work of Christ’s grace and redemption. If someone does not allow another member of the body of Christ to function in the work of Christ on earth because they have not attained some degree of education, financial responsibility, joining an organization, or submission to an individual; they are ignoring what Jesus has done for them. They are ignoring the position in which cross brings them to in society by submitting to the King of kings. Every member of the body of Christ has the ability and the freedom to minister as the Lord has gifted them and instructed them. He is their head. He is the administrator of those gifts via the Holy Spirit. To not allow them to preach, serve communion, teach, pray, lead small groups, baptize and serve others based upon some qualifications beyond what scripture teaches is to ignore what Christ has done.

When this practice is done in the church, the members who are held back refrain from growing in Christ beyond those who are over them and their growth is stunted to the maturity level of their ruling class or clergy. The only way to break out of that cycle is be ambitious and practice carnal ways of advancement or to ignore the clergy class and possibly leave that congregation of Church group. This causes them to be labeled many times a rebel, when it is really the other way around.

In my next post I will continue to share the errors and weaknesses of creating a class system within the church and discuss the church’s departure from making disciples of Christ.