We have been discussing church structure and the error of a class system or clergy system in the body of Christ. This error leads to several errors or weaknesses. For the rest of this series, we will be discussing several of those errors and weaknesses.

The first error or weakness we will discuss is a misunderstanding of overseer. An overseer is not a ruler but one who looks over the flock to protect her from wolves and to find places of safe “pasture.” It is not a controlling office setting policy and leading the affairs of the Church, but “looking over” the church (its members) and providing watch while the flock works (does the work of the ministry). Overseers do not rule, direct or control – they watch. It is a role of a servant seen in the background if seen at all. They are not the prominent ministers in the congregation, they are on the sidelines watching – overseeing. This is not a position at the top of a hierarchy, but a function of serving. It usually designates those in the congregation who were older and more experienced.

In my next post I will continue to share the errors and weaknesses of creating a class system within the church and discuss the misunderstanding of leadership. Let’s make this a dialog – what have you observed and learned?